Visualization, Technical Art & Unity Development Support

With a background in computational physics and the development of scientific visualization algorithms, as well as strong fundamentals in advanced mathematics and geometry, I can assist with you in your technical art and visualization needs.

I have advanced experience in procedural geometry generation in Unity 3D with performance and extensible code architecture in mind.

If you need support with programming custom visual effects involving advanced geometry generation, shaders, compute shaders, simulations, or simply need someone to help out with Unity C# development - get in touch! I'm happy to jump on a call with you in a timely manner and discuss your individual development needs!

Tableau Consulting & Teaching

If you need consulting, teaching or support related to the development of Tableau Dashboards and visualizations, shoot me an email! I have worked as a full-time business intelligence consultant specialized in the creation, optimization and maintenance of Tableau for two years, and in the past years have given a multitude of both introductory and advanced Tableau courses online.


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