Last updated: 2023-11-22

Welcome to the 'Pelago!

In the wake of a devastating storm, the once-prosperous islands are now in ruins.

Enter Puzzle Pelago, a captivating drag & drop puzzle game where players rebuild the supply chains of these affected islands. Your task? Turn resources into essential goods – from basic logs and planks to intricate tools, plush furniture, and even a pint of beer! But there's a catch: limited space and non-intersecting roads add to the challenge.

Dive into over 100 island economies, delivering 13 unique goods and unraveling the intricate puzzles they hold. Now available on Steam for Windows and macOS, as well as on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Easy-to-use drag & drop mechanics!
Process goods into more refined wares!
Combine resources to create composite goods!

Is This Game for You?

If you've got a penchant for puzzles akin to Numberlink and have a soft spot for economic simulation themes, Puzzle Pelago might just be your next obsession! While not strictly an economic simulation, it beautifully intertwines the mechanics of both genres, challenging you to craft supply chains with foresight and wit!

Screenshot of a level in Puzzle Pelago where tools and furniture are required.
Can you deliver tools and furniture to these homes?

Behind the Concept

The seeds of Puzzle Pelago sprouted from the foundational ideas of the Numberlink puzzle genre, where you create links between matching numbers on a grid. But Puzzle Pelago ventures further, replacing number pairs with resources and destinations, introducing intermediary steps, and sometimes necessitating the fusion of different goods to produce the required wares. This expansion of possibilities adds a lot of depth to even some of the smaller puzzles.

As an economy simulation game enthusiast, I (Christopher) was quite excited when I realized my new puzzle concept would work quite well with the theme of production chains and building up an economy. So that's how Puzzle Pelago came about!

Screenshot of a level in Puzzle Pelago where beer is required.
While the islands are pretty on their own, these islanders apparently do want beer.

Who Made It?

Working part-time on the game, I (Christopher) created the concept, art, programming and level designs. On the acoustic side, Puzzle Pelago received a beautiful soundtrack composed by Daniele "Elrehon" Coppola and the evocative sound design crafted by Almut Schwacke.

State of the Game

2020 marked the completion of Puzzle Pelago's development.

I have poured my heart and soul into creating Puzzle Pelago and believe in its potential. While I still have an abundance of ideas and visions for the future of this game (have you noticed the Flowers in the game? 🤔), its current sales do not support further development at this time. However, if there's a surge in interest and the game gains more traction, there's a glimmer of hope for a sequel.

I'd love to dive deeper into the world of Puzzle Pelago and bring even more exciting challenges and features to the players. Your support can make this dream a reality. Let's embark on this journey together!

Screenshot of a level in Puzzle Pelago where even more beer is required.
Have I mentioned that the inhabitants of the 'pelago love beer?

Support Puzzle Pelago

If you want to champion a Puzzle Pelago sequel, you can purchase the game and leave a review! Your feedback not only guides potential players but also boosts the game's visibility through the storefronts' recommendation algorithms!

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