Last updated: 2023-11-29

Reading the Room

This game is in early development.

Step into the spotlight with Reading the Room, a unique puzzle deck-builder that casts you as a fledgling stand-up comedian! Swap your drab desk job for the haze of neon-lit nightclubs, brimming with quirky characters.

Master the art of comedy - build your deck - to disarm naysayers, diffuse tense situations, and win the adoration of diverse audiences.

Face off against rival comedians, contend with hecklers, and experience the highs and lows of a comedian’s life. Progress through different comedy circuits, earn new comedic techniques, and feel the exhilaration of making a tough crowd erupt into laughter.

In Reading the Room, the stage is your domain, the audience is your canvas - use your wit and charm to paint a perfect performance!


In Reading the Room, you'll get to explore a lively world in point & click mechanics, as you develop your own comedic talent and get a foot into the world of stand-up comedy!

The heart of the game consists of making audiences laugh in the form of a strategic and amusing card-based gameplay. Your comedy material is your deck, and you'll get to tell jokes everywhere - from everyday conversations to the big stages!

Target Platforms

Reading the Room will be primarily developed for Steam (PC and Mac), but we also aim to release on consoles. Stay tuned!


While I (Christopher) am developing the concept and code for Reading the Room solo for now, I am supported on the art-side with the concept art by the skilled freelance artist Natalia Zaitseva, and with 3d art, animation and some unity/coding by the versatile and talented Richard Sööt. To allow us to not only see but also hear the world of Reading the Room, we are enriched by the sound design experience of Almut Schwacke, who already created the sound design for Puzzle Pelago!


Developing the prototype of this game has been made possible through the public funding by Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg. We'd like to express our gratitude for making this possible!

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