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Puzzle Pelago:
Economy Sim Meets Dragging Puzzle

Coming soon to Windows PC, macOS and iOS (iPad/iPhone), “Puzzle Pelago - A Drag & Drop Economy” is a ware-chain dragging puzzle game about rebuilding an economy after a storm. Many islands were devastated and need repairs. But how was that economy laid out? Travel from island to island and help the islanders regain what they have lost.

Play the Puzzle Pelago early alpha preview for free on itch.io.


Simple Dragging Mechanics

Puzzle Pelago - Dragging Mechanic Explanation.png

Drag Resources to create Workshops

To build a workshop and the road that connects it to the resources it needs, simply drag from the resource, and drop where you see fit. But beware - space is limited, and since the islanders are very clumsy, roads must never cross!

The goal is to place the workshops for the goods that the islanders are asking for right next to their houses.

Combine Materials for complex Goods

You can produce everything from cut logs and sawed planks to brewed beer and furniture - through the power of combination! For example, dragging from a Lumber Jack will produce a Saw Mill. But if you drag it right next to a Tool Maker, the logs and tools will be combined to create a Wood Carver!

Puzzle Pelago - Combination Mechanic Explanation.png

Puzzle Pelago - Island Example.png

Solve All the IslandERs’ Problems!

While the first few islands do seem simple, you will visit more and more complex islands that will challenge your skills at laying out complex economies on limited real estate. Are you up to the task?