You can contact me via Twitter DM, E-Mail to christopher dot mielack at me dot com, or Facebook.

About me

TL;DR: I love programming, art and physics, and am heavily tilted towards theory.

My name is Christopher Mielack, I live in Berlin, and I am a bit of a generalist, i.e. interested in a wide variety of things - which makes game development the ideal outlet for creativity to me!

Since highschool, I've been wanting to make games. I taught myself programming and 2D and 3D art. After getting a Master's Degree in Physics at the Freie Universität Berlin, I worked as a Tableau / ETL consultant, and now as a Data Scientist. Since February, I also work part time on my own game projects as Hallgrim Games.

Some things that excite me:

  • thinking about approaches to designing new game mechanics
  • data analysis and machine learning
  • visualization
  • procedural geometry, and any kind of generative algorithm
  • designing efficient interfaces that communicate well
  • complexity theory
  • discovering new creative processes (i.e. how to come up with interesting new things?)
  • music

Why Games?

In my opinion, games are the most interesting and intellectually challenging medium to date.

When making a game, one can dabble with writing, art design, sound design, music composition, animation, interaction- and interface design and game design, just to name a few prominent ones.

Game design itself is interesting, because it involves so many interwoven aspects. In essence, a game is a set of rules, that together produce a complex system of many interacting parts. Out of that emerging complexity, the game must be balanced such that it poses a challenge that is neither too easy nor too hard for the player, and adjust to the player's progress at mastering the required skills. At the same time, the game should convey a sense of reward and punishment, and connect on an emotional level.

Fundamentally, games are engaging learning devices!

Last but not least, making an enjoyable game involves a lot of technical expertise, so that it is pleasant (or unpleasent, depending on intent) to look at, interact with, and listen to.

All of that makes me very fond of games as a medium, and keeps me wanting to explore its possibilities.